School During the Years of World War II. The Contribution of the Graduates of the School to the Victory over Fascism (1941-1945)


   ON JUNE 22, 1941 the troops of fascist Germany treacherously invaded the borders of the Soviet Union, the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people against the German fascist invaders began.
  The Lenin Tashkent Infantry School was the base for completing the formations and units sent to the front with officers, the formation of separate rifle brigades, and the forge of accelerated training of command personnel.
      In June 1941, the last pre-war graduation of young commanders took place under the normal training program. From the moment the school was founded until 1941, several thousand infantry commanders, cavalrymen, artillerymen and middle-level political workers were released from the walls of the school.
     This was the first military graduation of infantry commanders. In groups, accompanied by officers from the permanent staff, the graduates went to the front to replenish rifle units. Many of them in June-July 1941 were sent to various command positions in 310, 312 (196 people), 314 (196 people) and 316 rifle divisions. In addition to young officers, units and formations were supplemented with regular military officers – commanders and teachers of the school.
     When fierce battles were fought near Moscow, the 34th and 35th separate cadet brigades from the school were formed in the Central Asian Military District in October-November 1941 to send them to the Moscow direction.
     Switching to the training of officers according to an operational six-month program, the school in the initial period of the war trained more than six thousand officers for the army, including in October 1941 graduated a group of officers for the tank forces, as well as a group of officers from local nationalities for the formed national cavalry units.
    In general, during the years of the war against fascism, 1941-1945. the school produced 25 graduates, more than eight thousand officers graduated.
  For heroic deeds during World War II and the pre-war period, thousands of cadets and graduates of the school were awarded with orders and medals.
    More than 50 graduates of the school were awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union, many of them posthumously.



  • On August 30, 1943, the school was awarded the Order of the "Red Star" for outstanding achievements in training Red Army command personnel and direct participation in battles for the Motherland.

Heroes of World War II